Grab a brewski and one for your dog too!

Ever thought of grabbing a nice cold brew for man’s best friend? Well its possible now with beer for dogs made possible from Bowser Beer.

Bowser Beer was create by Jenny Brown, when she made pretzels for dogs at a farmers market and suddenly thought that a nice beer for dogs would go great with pretzels, soon Bowser Beer was born.

It really is a great idea if you think about it, and don’t worry Bowser Beer is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated; it’s made from a mixture of meat-broth and malt barley, with glucosamine added for joint health.

Interested in getting Fido some Bowser Beer – click here.

And if you don’t have pet companion you’d like to have a cold beer with? Consider adopting a new friend.

You can find out more about pet adoptions here.

See what Bowser Beer is all about and look carefully – One of the testimonials is from a guy right here in El Paso!