If you grew up in the Northeast side of El Paso, then you may already know all about JR's Bratwurst!

If you're not familiar, or you've never been, JR's Bratwurst was a delightful bratwurst stand next to the Albertson's on Dyer.

JR's Bratwurst was located in between the Albertson's and the strip mall that followed. It sounds like a bad spot, but it was actually very spacious. It was a great place to stop by and get a quick bite to eat, and to have some amazing service.

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The menu was simple, but delicious! Also, reasonably priced.

Shawn C via Yelp
Shawn C via Yelp

In an original article I had written about JR's Bratwurst, I had asked "where can I find a good brat like JR's Bratwurst?" and it looks as if the universe has finally answered my question.

As a lover of food on wheels, I'm part of many local foodies group and this one came up on my feed recently:

Di Cas vi Facebook
Di Cas vi Facebook

The original post reads:

If you grew up in the Northeast , you must remember this place, we got the same bratwurst, same chili dogs same taste. We are located at 1791 N Zaragoza. Open from 11 am to 6 pm find us on facebook for more details @J&M Bratwurst thank you. You can also order thru doordash and grubhub.

J&M Bratwurst is the name of the food truck, although it is unclear if there is a direct link to JR's Bratwurst.

Zaragoza is a long ways from Dyer, but I'm almost certain that many people who fondly remember the original JR's Bratwurst are willing to make the trip just to try and get a taste and see if they truly do have some similarities. I know I'm ready to give it a try!

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