I'm not going to link any stories about today's horrific school shooting in Connecticut.  All you have to do is go to any news site, and there is enough being written without my input.  I just decided to post about my favorite Christmas carol as a prayer for the families who have been affected by today's tragic events.  May God give them comfort.

This clip came from a Bing Crosby Christmas Special that actually aired a month after he died of a heart attack.  Bing Crosy and David Bowie recorded the duet on September 11, 1977, and it almost didn't happen.  David Bowie told producers of the special that he hated 'The Little Drummer Boy', so they wrote 'Peace on Earth', to compliment 'The Little Drummer Boy'.  I was eleven years old when I saw this in 1977, and this is how weird a child I was - I knew who Bing Crosby was, but couldn't understand why they let the odd looking blonde dude sing over him!  I adore this song, and the little banter between the men before they sing:

There are two other versions of 'The Little Drummer Boy' that I love.  The version from the Christmas special, 'The Little Drummer Boy', I especially love because of the Little Drummer Boy's beautiful face when he plays for the baby Jesus.

I also love the Bob Segar version because it is just so unexpected to hear a rocker doing such a heartfelt Christmas song.  Here's how Bob Segar says it came together, and here is a video that someone put together of the tv special and Bob Segar's version:

Please pray for the victims of the today's tragic events in Connecticut, and for Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men.