David Bowie died on Monday after an 18 month long battle with cancer. He released a new album, Blackstar, on his birthday this past Friday. The video for a single off the album, 'Lazarus', was also released, and it is unsettling to watch. You have to imagine that he knew he was dying because the video is filled with death imagery.

There is a man under his bed who seems to be trying to get at David. His face is covered in bandages with something over his eyes, kind of like a body in a shroud with coins over its eyes. He also seems to be struggling to break free of the bed, and can be seen working feverishly on some kind of document - maybe trying to get his final thoughts out before he dies? Finally, there is the scene at the end where he backs into a closet, something that looks to me like a body being put into a coffin. I don't know if it's just because he is gone, but it seems like he was trying to finish up his life's work.

Rest in peace, David Bowie. You will be missed.

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