You don't need me to tell you that this has been one hot ass summer. Spend more than 5 minutes outdoors this summer in East Texas and I can almost guarantee that you will start sweating. But luckily, according to weather people, this isn't the absolute worst summer in terms of 100 degree days and we'll get into that shortly, but folks are trying to make the best of the heat.

Folks are having fun on TikTok With Their Creative And Hilarious Videos

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According to the National Weather Service, as of July 26, there had been 28 days when the temperature reached 100 degrees in Tyler this year. According to the Tyler Paper the actual record is 81 days in the summer of 2011. While we won't reach that number this summer, I guess we should be thankful its not as bad as 11 years ago.

But Other Parts Of The State Are Ridiculous, like El Paso...


While West Texas is known for getting the triple digits often in the summer, its interesting to see the heat cooking eggs. This seems to be a big thing on TikTok as other users showed off the heat by cooking their favorite breakfast foods in the Texas sun like bacon...


Some Folks Didn't Have To Wait...

Shoutout to TikTok user @kreativecomedy who set this trend on fire with his hilarious videos on the topic. From instant chicken to changing skin colors, his videos have done some serious numbers on TikTok.


Its Too Hot To Go Fishing Too! Damn!


Even His Eggs Weren't Safe...


Viral Sensations 'Dude Perfect' Lost Some Ice Cream

Let these videos serve as a reminder to stay hydrated and cool my friends.

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