If you watch the news you know that there are a lot of reports out there about supply chain problems. Sometimes being in El Paso is its own supply chain problem because it seems like retailers add extra delivery time because of where we live.

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I found this cool website that has all kinds of great options for buying and eating local. From grocery stores you can buy your food at for your holiday get together or just everyday grocery shopping, to a place to buy things that have an El Paso flair. Here are some of the places and shopping categories on the Buy EP website:

1. Alameda neighborhood - If it has been a while since you've been on Alameda or maybe you want to show some out-of-town family this historic part of El Paso, the Alameda neighborhood section gives you a great rundown of places like El Paso Produce, La Colonial Tortilla Factory, and the Lucky Cafe. Great places to check out while you have family and friends in town.

2. Nerd alert - If you have a comic book or collectible fan on your Christmas list, take a look at the cool shops you can go to and give a local store some economic love. Just click here for a list of great places to shop.

3. Chuco fashion - If you want to shop local and wear something that you won't find on everyone else, get the deets on local boutiques like Agua Boutique, Pret-A-Porter, and for the unusual person on your list, Tooth and Veil Oddities and Macabre Shop. Click here for more information.

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It's not hard to find a local shop that would love to get your Christmas shopping money and it can be the difference between a cookie cutter gift or something really unique in your loved one's Christmas stocking.

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