Tis The Season For The Secret Santa!

If you’ve ever experienced the gift ritual of the Secret Santa then you’ve had that moment of dread and started asking…"What am I going to get Bob in Sales?”

It is hard; especially when you don’t know your co-worker that well. What is appropriate? How much do I spend? (Sometimes there is a value cap) Can I do a gag gift? So many questions and it all builds up into more holiday stress!

Do Not Panic!

I have made a small list of some items that are easy and inexpensive to buy for the male/female co-worker in your office.

  1. Set of Gel pens (in an office you can never have enough)
  2. Chocolate
  3. Photo album
  4. Picture frames
  5. A gift card
  6. And of course this one will help you gift to just about everyone on your list! Holiday COOKIES!!

What are some of the great or horrible gifts you’ve received from your Secret Santa through out the years?

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