There has been a lot of talk about primary elections and caucuses for the past few weeks, but Super Tuesday is finally here. So what is Super Tuesday?

Texas, and other states, hold primaries and caucuses on one day. Presidential hopefuls need to get as many delegates to the nominating convention as they can during primaries and caucuses in the hopes of being the uncontested candidate for either the Democratic or Republican party. Since President Trump is a lock for the nomination on the Republican side (even though there are a number of other people on the primary ballot), most of the attention will be on the Democratic primaries and caucuses. If there isn't a candidate with a majority, or 1,237, of the delegates in the primaries, there might be a contested Democratic convention.

If you plan on vote today, you need to be registered to vote already. Before you head out you can take a look at the sample Democratic ballot by clicking here. There are a number of candidates who have dropped out but who still appear on the ballot. Don't vote for them - it's a wasted vote. Click here for a sample Republican ballot. There are a bunch of people in addition to Donald Trump. He's in the middle of the list.

If you don't know where to vote, you can click here for the El Paso County website. Just enter your home address and zip code to find the closest polling place to you. If you want to get registered to vote in the General Election in November, click here for that information.

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