Wireless. Effortless. Magical. Tiny. Unattached to Anything. So Easy to Lose.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 at their annual event today (September 7), in a presentation sandwiched between a special "Carpool Karaoke" and a performance by Sia. In addition to exciting features like a vastly improved camera and a water-resistant body, Apple marketing VP Phil Schiller confirmed the 7's long-rumored absence of a headphone jack. For those who, as Schiller put it, still want to "tether ourselves to these mobile devices" like cave people, we'll have the option to use the Lightning-connected EarPods included with the phone, or an also-included adapter for "legacy" headphones. But they really want you to be excited about the brand-new AirPods, which have really cool tech and dangle from your skull like some newfangled earrings for your ear canal. 

Upon the reveal of the $159 AirPods, which will be available in October, just about everyone on the Internet realized they'd lose these gorgeous little audio advancements instantly. Check out a roundup of the funniest AirPods reactions below.

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