Texting & Driving PSAOur sister station WJBF in Georgia has received a ton of feedback on this Texting & Driving PSA... And so we share it with you, and ask: How are you talking to your high schooler about the dangers of texting and driving?Feel free to use this powerful message to get a conversation started.

Posted by NBC4 on Monday, August 11, 2014

We're all guilty of it. We text and drive and tell ourselves, 'it's just a quick text.' It's not, and this PSA shows the damage that a 'quick text' can do. We wouldn't throw our friends or family in front of a speeding car, but that is what happens every time we text and drive.

There are apps out there that disable texting capabilities while you're driving. Most cell phone carriers also have their own apps that you can download. Do it. Keep yourself and your passengers safe.