Love animals? Love to help out? This is the perfect weekend for you!

Animal Services Center of The Mesilla Valley needs you this weekend! They have successfully dropped the amount of animals euthanized by more that 10% in the last year alone and we need to keep on truckin'!

Patty Campos
Patty Campos

This weekend, ASCMV has over-extended their resources; therefore, they are asking for volunteers who can sign a liability release waiver, and an agreement with ASCMV to participate in one of the following events! Forms must be turned into the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the event. Court ordered community service hours are not counted with the volunteer program and volunteer hours through ASCMV are NOT counted for the "Work in New Mexico Program.

Some events this weekend include:

Farmers Market: 8:30am set up and 1pm put away (ASCMV Trained Dog Walkers, kennel clean-up needed)

Petco on Telshor: 10am - 3pm (ASCMV Trained dog walkers, event set up, take down, PICK UP TRUCK NEEDED to transport the animal bank to and from locations, Kennel Clean-up needed)

Sunrise Lion's Club Gun Show at The Las Cruces Convention Center: 9am - 4pm (Pick-up truck needed to transport animals and an animal bank to and from the event, set up of event, take down of event and ASCMV trained dog walkers needed during the event, and kennel Clean-up all needed)
Pits for Peace Event at Young's Park: 10am - 3om (set up and put away crew, kennel clean-up needed, ASCMV trained dog walkers needed)

Dog Lovers Faire in El Paso at The Saddle Blanket: 10am - 2pm

ALL Transportation for volunteers is responsibility of the volunteer!

Help save some innocent pets lives and get the word out! Check out this adorbs video about adoption by KISS-FM artist American Authors!

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