El Paso Giving Day is a special day when people are asked to come together for the city.

On November 15th, all El Pasoans are asked to participate in this "24-hour online fundraising campaign built for nonprofits and fueled by a consortium of corporations, foundations, government officials, media partners and volunteers", according to the official El Paso Giving Day page.

In an adorable video to promote EP Giving Day, Amigo Man takes to the streets of El Paso to tell you what this great giving day is all about. There are tons of local nonprofits that you can donate to include the Humane Society of El Paso, Latinitas, the El Paso Public Television foundation, and so many more!

You can check out the complete list and make a donation at El Paso Giving Day.com. Giving back to the local organizations who do so much for our fellow El Paso on this one day, may not seem like much, but it truly is. Let's come together during these weird times and make the Amigo Man and many El Pasoans, incredibly happy!

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