TYPES OF TV SHOWS WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE OF - A COMMENTARY: He's baaaack! Simon Cowell returned to prime-time on "The X Factor" this week, and with Paula Abdul, no less.


LISTEN: From the Mike&Tricia Vault of Comedy - X Factor commercial ...

As fun as it is to watch his brutal honesty, let's hope this is the last of the singing competition shows because television just doesn't need more of that. Also on my list of the kinds of TV shows we definitely DO NOT need any more of:

"Law & Order" spin-offs, dramas set in hospitals, dramas about lawyers, shows about people with some kind of odd handicap or ability that helps them or authorities solve crimes, "Real Housewives of [Wherever]" spin-offs, reality shows in which all the contestants live together in the same house, reality shows where someone selects someone to marry from a group of strangers, and seasons of "Celebrity Apprentice".

That's what I can live without on my idiot box. What type of programming would you like to see less of on TV?

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