El Paso college students who are currently attending NMSU can come back home or quit commuting once Thanksgiving is over.  The university announced that all classes will be online once we’ve students have sat with their families and officially given thanks for whatever silver linings can be found for this year.  All joking aside, while the pandemic has made 2020 a challenge, it’s important that we also take the time to be appreciative of whatever good things have been happening as well.

This is a bit of pre-emptive move due to NMSU officials anticipating an increase in COVID cases around Thanksgiving.  Previous data has typically shown surge of positive cases after holidays.

NMSU faculty and students were recently surveyed regarding this potential and a majority of those who participated were in favor of going virtual for the remainder of the fall semester.

To be clear, NMSU is not completely clearing the campus of people.  Other services such as housing and dining will still be operating.

As of now, students can expect to resume in-person classes at NMSU in the spring semester.

Sadly, for NMSU Seniors that were hoping to walk across the stage and be handed their diploma this fall, that particular ceremony won’t be happening in-person.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to take their much-deserved bow in front of their loved ones at some point this year.

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