Want to propose to that special someone but don't want the regular cookie cutter engagement rings at your local jewelry store? Here are some beautifully unique engagement rings your bride will swoon over.

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    Green Amethyst

    This ring is so unique because of the stone color. It is rarely seen and is a beauty.


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    London Blue Topaz

    This is just stunning on any skin tone and a unique setting with a round cut stone. Perfect for your "something blue".


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    Wide Diamond Engagement Band

    The diamond design on this band is very intricate and detailed. If your bride is into detail she will be a sucker for these designs.


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    14K Black Gold

    This ring screams attention, everyone will be asking about this unique look on any finger.


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    Custom Rose Cut Diamond

    This ring is very girly and such a beautiful color. All handmade and cut specially to fit her finger perfectly.


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    Royal Blue Sapphire Eye

    The color on this stone is stunning. Any bride to be would be happy to rock this rock.


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    Blood Red Ruby

    Again another stunning colored stone. No need to always have a original diamond ring. Be unique!


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    Fire and Ice Accented Ring

    Such beauty in one ring! All the colors and a beautiful cut.


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