If you are getting married then you must check out this list of 15 essential items that you must have on hand for your big day.

Congratulations you’re engaged! Now the fun begins by planning your wedding exactly how you always dreamed. But there is one thing that most brides forget unless you are lucky enough to get a do-all wedding planner like J.Lo in the 2007 film, The Wedding Planner.

Most of the chicas that I know don’t have a wedding planner, instead, they solely rely on their posse of Tias, cousins, and friends to help plan their day. If you fall into the latter category then you will definitely need someone to help you put this list together for your wedding day.

  1. Cell Phone Charger – There will be a lot of back and forth communication so this is vital for your phone to stay fully charged
  2. Straws – Have eco-friendly straws on hand because you don’t want to get your lipstick all messed up or risk spilling a drink on your self
  3. A Robe – Make sure it’s a super cute one for all those selfies and pre-wedding pictures
  4. Toothbrush / Mouthwash – So you can brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out before the big moment
  5. Kleenex – For everything, even blotting your face and wiping off happy tears
  6. Travel Sewing Kit – you never know who might have snag or wardrobe malfunction
  7. Deodorant – Sounds obvious but I’ve walked out of the house sans antiperspirant before
  8. Pain Reliever / Medications – This will usually cover all ailments, headaches, backaches and much more and if you are on meds then you will need to have them on hand
  9. Extra lipstick – There can never be enough lipsticks
  10. Safety Pins – If there’s no sewing kit these pins will come in handy
  11. Clothing Tape – This is a lifesaver, it can be used for hemlines and so much more
  12. Bottled Water – Staying hydrated all day is a must
  13. Feminine Products – You never know if the bride or someone in the wedding party might get an unannounced visitor
  14. First Aid Kit – Anything can happen so make sure you are prepared
  15. Wipes – These will help with any stains or makeup removal

This list might sound obvious but it's better to be safe than sorry. Having these items available on your wedding day will make your big day flow smoother and if a hiccup does occur, you’re at least are armed with a few tools to get you through.

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