At 7-years-old most are concerned with cartoons and learning to ride a bike. Not Gia, she is concerned about her fellow humans having food to eat. Pretty extraordinary if you ask me.

Growing up Gia had always wanted to volunteer to help out at various soup kitchens and at local homeless shelters but being so young it was always a liability and she couldn't help out quite as much as she had wanted to. This is where she got the idea for Gia's Food Pantry. She actually stumbled upon a video on YouTube about a family who had built a food pantry in front of their home and she decided to do this and have it placed at The Las Cruces Homeless shelter, Community of Hope.

Home Depot of Las Cruces helped Gia with the supplies and made it happen. They donated what was needed to get the panty up and built.Over the weekend was her grand opening. Her mother set up a meeting with the Executive Director of COmmunity of Hope and they made it happen! Such an awesome story of a little girl that is definitely being brought up the right way. Gia's Food Pantry is now open with the slogan that Gia herself came up with, "Take what you need. Share what you can." Way to go Gia!



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