Before you head out the door to go to work or school, be prepared.  The weather guys are predicting some wicked, and I don't mean this kind of Wicked, weather today. 

Springtime in El Paso means winds, but sometimes, like today, we get really wild wind events.  That's when the winds kick up to low hurricane status levels.  If you are going to be driving, make sure you are aware that the winds can throw your car around, especially if you are in a light vehicle or a high profile vehicle.  Last night on the news, Dopplar Dave even suggested not riding motorcycles because of the potential danger. 

The winds are no laughing matter.  They can pick up stuff like trash cans and lawn furniture and toss them around like matchsticks, so be ready.  The good thing is we don't have to deal with haboobs like they do in Phoenix!  We'll check in with you tomorrow to make sure we all made it through WINDSTORM 2012!

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