A 5-year-old boy is asking for supporters around the world to unite and wear yellow for him next week. 

Seth Lane lives in England. He loves Fireman Sam, Paw Patrol and the color yellow. He has what is known as "bubble boy syndrome," where he can only live in a germ-free, sterile environment. His body has mutated gene that causes his body's antibodies to not respond to infections. This leaves him extremely vulnerable to infections. He has had one bone marrow transplant, and after, he was finally able to go to school and make friends. Sadly, he fell ill again and his doctors found out that his cells had turned on him and he would need this second bone marrow transplant once he is well enough.

Seth's parents and the young boy have made this online video plea for people to wear yellow on March 27th to support him and his battle against the disease. The video is posted on the online blog, Our Little Hero, that documents his battle with the disease. He's asking people to wear yellow, and post their pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag, #wearyellowforseth. His parents will then take those photos and post them all around his hospital room for him.