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Can you imagine a life size car made out chocolate or how about tennis shoes? Take a peak at some of these incredible edible items that have been made completely out of chocolate!

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    Chocolate BMW Car

    This BMW was displayed at the 2010 World Chocolate Wonderland in Beijing China and if you were thinking how long it would take you to eat it, you may want to consider that this BMW was made with 80 tons of chocolate. [photo]

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    Godiva Chocolate Mailbox

    Godiva, the masters of Belgium chocolate made a mailbox made entirely of chocolate for Valentine’s Day at their Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City a few years back. [photo]

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    Largest Chocolate Egg

    Chocolate eggs are common during Easter but this big guy would take years to munch on. This Easter egg is the biggest ever created in the world, standing over 27 feet and weighing over 4,000 pounds! [photo]

  • 4

    Chocolate Ferrari Racing Car

    This bad boy isn’t just made out of chocolate; it’s even painted to look like a real-life Ferrari Formula 1 race car. [photo]

  • 5

    Chocolate Nike Tennis Shoes

    Ever get hungry after a long day? Just kick off your shoes and eat them because these Nike’s are edible. Nike made these chocolate tennis shoes for their 25th Anniversary. [photo]

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