You know, there is nothing worse than the end of the holidays. Yes, you had to deal with your ridiculously crazy relatives and try to get in all your Christmas shopping while still trying to pretend that you gave a darn about work, but Christmas means fantastic food, the perfect excuse to not work out, and parties everywhere you looked. Now that the holidays are over, we are faced with January. There is nothing happening this month except credit card bills coming in and the realization that the month between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day that we took off from the gym has made our clothes rebel against us and make us look like over-stuffed sausages.

How can you get past this month without stabbing yourself with a leftover candy cane?

1. Drink a cup of hot chocolate a night - Your sweet tooth is in overdrive because of all those Christmas cookies and cakes. If you're trying to lose weight, you gotta have something sweet or you're family will be in danger. I feel ya, girl. That's why a cup of hot chocolate a night is good for you. It's not a piece of pie with whipped cream on it, but it's sweet and it'll take the edge off.

Cups of hot cocoa
Jaren Wicklund

2. Embrace your fat clothes while you get back on track - Stretchy pants? Yup. Big, oversized shirts? Uh huh. Spanx on a weekday? You betcha. Look, the holiday weight isn't going to come right off, so while you're working at it, tell the world to get lost and channel your inner Bea Arthur until you get those 10 pounds off.


3. Sleep any chance you get - You burned the candle at both ends during the holidays, so if a nap presents itself, take it. And if anyone makes fun of you for settling in for a nap two hours after you woke up on a Saturday, remind them who Santa is and get your snuggle on.

beautiful woman sleeping and smiles in his sleep

4. Paint your nails florescent orange - Just because you aren't going to the beach for a week doesn't mean your fingers and toes shouldn't look like it. We've been wearing dark nail polish since Halloween. Brighten it up with a I'm-pretending-I'm-On-Vacation mani/pedi.

Rainbow nail polish feet art

5. Throw a party - My family is so big and takes up so much time that I didn't get to see my friends as much as I wanted to during the holidays. We have already made a date for a girls night in with pajamas (yes, we really do wear our jammies), wine, tons of talk, and chick food. We might invite the men, but they'll probably have to stay in the other room and buy pizza for dinner.

Women in restaurant holding camera with picture of female friends
Nick White

January sucks, but there are ways to make it better. Make a list of your own and get rid of the post-holiday blues.

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