I don't know about you, but I totally hate giving up an extra hour. I still don't understand why we have this whole daylight savings time deal and maybe I never will. All I know is I hate it when time changes. This whole situation just sends me on a mind journey of time being a social construct, but that is a whole other issue.

The real problem here is now I lay awake at night trying to sleep, because my body's sleep clock is off, and I cry over all the things I could have done with that hour taken away from me. I know my fellow El Pasoans are thinking about the same thing. We all like to argue that there is never anything to do in El Paso, but when it comes to taking our time away, there is always never enough time to do anything here.


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    Go to Chico's Tacos

    Chico's Tacos is open late for your late night munchies and for sobering up your friends. IF we had that extra hour, we would have time to drink a little more and still have time to eat. When you take away that hour, they might be closed and you are then stuck with an angry, drunk friend.

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    Go For a Run/Walk

    The El Paso area usually has the best weather to go for a run or walk. I admire all the Instagram photos I see of people hiking up the Franklin Mountains, while I sit on my couch. I am beginning to motivation myself to go out and exercise in the beautiful outdoors, but now that they took that hour away, I think I will stay on the couch.

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    Go Get Brunch

    As I scroll past all my friend's who are working out on their Instagram, I also have tons of local restaurants tempting me with their brunch specials. From Crave, Salt & Honey to Steve O's and so many more great local places, I would love an hour of Bruch. It's not breakfast, it's not lunch, IT'S BRUNCH!

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    Watch a Movie

    I know most movies are about two hours, but I that extra hour will give me at least half of the time to catch an extra movie. That means I could watch Black Panther again or have time to binge watch some of the newest movies added to Netflix. Now, I have time to only watch half a movie, which is just sad.

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    Sleep is everything. Period.

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