As happy as the holidays can make us, they can also stress us out for months afterwards if we're not careful with how we spend.  Here are a few mistakes to avoid making this holiday season that your wallet will thank you for.

5. Waiting till the LAST minute to do your shopping - I'm guilty of this.  In my case, I get in such a hurry that not only do I not have time to choose a thoughtful gift but I also don't get a chance to shop for the best deal.

4. Forgetting small expenses that tend to add up - I've been better about starting to set aside Christmas shopping money the past couple of years but I tend think of that money as ONLY for presents.  As a result, I find myself dipping into my daily spending budget to cover things like a pot luck at work or small gifts and cards for co-workers.  If you're not careful, this can get out of control in a hurry.

3. Spending the same amount on each of your kids - I don't have children of my own but I do know that you can probably spend less on a young child and make them just as happy as you make you're older child who you probably have to spend more on.  As long as your gifts show that you LOVE them the same they'll be OK.

2. Buying presents for too many people - Most people are very understanding and know that it's unrealistic to give a gift to EVERYBODY you know.  Plus it may make somebody who's on a budget feel obligated to get an extra gift for you.

1. Overspending to impress somebody - This one is pretty self-explanatory.  I will say that one of my all time favorite Christmas gifts was a scrapbook an old girlfriend gave me of pictures and reminders of places we've been to.  I doubt she spent more than $20 on it but it's one of the gifts I'll always remember receiving.