Check out my list of why I prefer fall weather over the grueling summer heat in El Paso.

Friday September 22, 2017 ushered in the Autumn Equinox or the first day of fall and with it comes a sense of calm and coziness.

I’m a gloomy weather type of girl, I enjoy sweaters and blankets and scarves and tea and comfort food. The fall brings all these things back into my life and more.


It never really gets super duper cold in El Paso but it does get cold enough to wear a nice sweater or a jacket and scarf. Personally, I love wearing scarves and can’t wait to for it to get cold enough to start wearing them.

Mosquitoes / Bugs

This year it seemed that mosquito’s were a lot more viscous. Do you know how many cans of bug spray I went through? With the cold weather coming up, those darn mosquitoes, ants and all bugs go away long enough for me to forget how irritated I get when they are buzzing and crawling around.


There is nothing like all the delicious comfort food that comes with cold weather. Hearty soups, casseroles, hot teas and coffees and ‘pumpkin’ flavored everything. My main go to meal for lunch or dinner is always soup including butternut squash, tomato, clam chowder, spicy chicken and tortilla, chili and so many more.


What do Halloween, Day of The Dead, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve have in common? They all take place during fall and winter.

TV Shows

With the holidays around the corner TV shows begin airing all our holiday movie favorites including the 13 Nights of Halloween, Hocus Pocus, The 25 Days of Christmas Countdown, It’s the Great Pumkin Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch and many more classic favorites.

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