If you've been in El Paso for any length of time you know that the words "cold front" don't necessarily mean cold weather. During this summer's ridiculously long stretches of triple digit high temperatures local weather peeps would say we were having a cold front and that meant we were only going to hit 99 degrees, not 109 for a daily high.

This week we are going to get a cold front that moves in on Monday morning and will drop our high on Monday to lovely 74 degrees. On Tuesday, we'll see a high of 79, then on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we'll be in the low to mid- 80s, but then this weekend we'll climb back into the low 90s.

The best thing about getting some cooler weather in El Paso is being able to hang out on the back patio of your house with a nice cup of Abuelita hot chocolate instead of a glass of iced tea and don't be surprised if you see the traditional outfit of El Paso fall - girls in Uggs, booty shorts, and midriff baring sweatshirts or their boyfriend's or husband's flannel shirts with the front tails tucked into their shorts and the back hanging loose. You'll of course also begin seeing the traditional autumn outfit for guys of white sweat socks with Teva sandals, khaki shorts, and the flannel shirts their girlfriends or wives aren't wearing with rolled up sleeves.

If this is your first "cold weather" season in El Paso, the best thing to do is keep all your clothes on hand because we will be hot and cold literally from one day to the next.

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