The calendar might read September, but here in El Paso we are still flirting with upper 90s, so it might not feel like fall, but work with me. Just because we don't have to break out the hoodies and snuggly blankets yet doesn't mean we can't turn down the air-conditioner to 60, make some hot chocolate and do an autumn Netflix and pizza night. Here are some great movies that make you want to move some place that has four separate seasons and a reason to wear hand-knitted sweaters.

1. When Harry Met Sally - I think this is the granddad of all the fall movies. Yes, the big scene where they finally realize that they're meant for each other happens on New Year's Eve, but the iconic Central Park scene with the masses of gold and red leaves everywhere is even more autumny than a venti Pumpkin Spice Latte.

2. Autumn in New York - If you haven't seen this tear jerker with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder playing a womanizing restaurant owner and a dying girl half his age, you need to stop reading this and watch it immediately. He is peak Richard Gere amazingness in this movie and she couldn't get any more Winona-y if she tried. The humor is dry, but it's funny and sad and you'll love it.

3. Stepmom - Two strong women, one younger and one older, one man in the middle of them, two kids who wish the younger one would go away, and the older one gets terminal cancer. Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon are amazing in this movie about a family dealing with divorce and the impending death of the mom as the dad gets ready to marry a younger woman. The scenes of the mom's house in autumn are so perfect it's hard to believe they're real. Bring tissues. No, seriously.

4. You've Got Mail - If I knew your address I would send you a bouquet of pencils. Tom Hanks emailing Meg Ryan about how New York in the fall makes him want to buy school supplies, I mean how much more fall-y feels do you need?

5. St. Elmo's Fire - Seven college friends trying to figure out their post-graduation lives. Amazing 80s clothes and hair, amazing college town in the fall scenes, and a great soundtrack. This is 80s Brat Pack heaven bathed in gorgeous autumn colors.

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