If you're looking for something to do with your beasties this holiday season that will get them away from Fortnite and doesn't involve the oven, check out these easy and fun crafts. Even if your kids don't like crafts, they'll probably be down with messing around with glitter and glue.

1. Pasta necklaces – get different sizes and shapes of pasta and string them on a heavy cord or piece of yarn. You can spray paint the pasta before your string them or coat them with spray adhesive and toss them in glitter. You could even make a super long one and put it on the tree.

2. Popsicle stick ornaments – You can buy hundreds of popsicle sticks at any craft store for a couple of bucks. For another couple of bucks, you can get paints, glitter, and other sparkly things to glue onto the sticks. Let your kids paint them and then glue them into star and snowflake shapes and hang them on the tree.

3. Book Christmas trees – Go to a second hand book store or a thrift store and buy dollar books. Take them home and glue the front and back cover together, then turn down the pages until you have a tree shape. Spray paint the whole thing green and let the beasties glue or paint on ornaments.

4. Pasta trees - Get different shapes and sizes of pasta, glue them onto a Styrofoam tree form. After the glue has set, spray paint the tree or coat it with spray adhesive and roll it in glitter. The beasties can also paint some of the pasta different colors.

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