It’s my friend, Kimmy’s birthday today and I couldn’t wait to Snapchat his uncomfortable face when the group of friends sang him Happy Birthday! I waited all day for this delicious moment of discomfort and then SHOOOOOK. He looked red like red lobster, didn’t know what to do with his hands and squirmed the entire time. It's so much irrational anxiety and really quite fun to watch. So to avoid him from Snapchatting me riddled with that awkward birthday song discomfort on my big day, I put together a few ideas you can try to make the 30 seconds of weirdness enjoyable!


Say things like “Oh shucks! Thank you, guys! This is awesome! I didn’t realize you all were such incredible singers! I’m so grateful. Ooooh! I smell cake! Amazing, thank you!” It’ll keep your mind distracted so you can’t focus on how weird the whole thing is and you also get to practice gratitude.

Sing along.

This is my old faithful. I sing the birthday song to myself along with my buddies with a big smile on my face pretending that it isn’t awkward. Singing along gives me something to do aside from trying to avoid eye contact with everyone as they are watching me awaiting a grateful response.


I haven't tried this but 30 seconds isn’t a lot of time so if you pop, lock & jam, it’s one of those situations where both awkward performances will cancel each other out. The singers will be like “WTF?” and you’ll be busy trying to shake the mutual discomfort and in seconds it’ll be time for cake & piñatas!

Happy Birthday!

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