First Lady Melania Trump is not happy with her husband. Melania and President Trump are on their first overseas trip since he took office, and if her chilly body language is any indication, you're gonna need a lot of blankets on Air Force One. For two days, Melania has burned up the interwebs with her seemingly abrupt refusal to hold her husband's hand.

Trump tried to motion to Melania to grab his hand or catch up to him as they walked alongside the Israeli prime minister and his wife, who were holding hands. When Melania batted the president's hand away, social media lit up with memes and gifs of the rejection. Then yesterday, as they were preparing to exit Air Force One in Rome, Trump reached for his wife's hand again and when she felt him touch her, she pulled her hand away sharply and tried to pass it off as fixing her hair.

So what did Donald do to warrant this extremely public display of non-affection from Melania? There's no telling, but as any woman knows, when your man messes up, a little public rejection goes much further than losing your cool and yelling at him. Melania is pulling some classic hacked-off woman moves:

1. Treat me like dirt in private and I'll make you pay for it in public - We've all had an argument in the car on the way to a family gathering and then had to pretend that we like our spouse when we get there. Melania batting Trump's hand away was subtle enough to make everyone do a double take and obvious enough to get everyone's tongues wagging.

2. I'm still mad so don't EVEN think about touching me - It's the day after your man's bonehead move and you haven't gotten over it. Trump hadn't even really touched Melania's hand, but she could feel the molecules between them touching, and that 'Oh my hair needs fixing' move she pulled in Rome is classic 'If you think I'm going to let your flesh touch mine, you are sadly mistaken, mister!'

3. Everyone knows you messed up because you keep trying to hold my hand - If your man screwed up, he will try to worm his way back into your good graces by doing something nice like sending you flowers or reaching for your hand in public. If he keeps trying even though you're acting like Melania, that is proof positive that he is in the wrong. If he was sure of his position, he would just let you act cold and have a sad look on his face. But the president is clearly trying to make up with his wife, and the fact that she so willing to let everyone see that there is a problem means she is super mad!

Hello, Cartier? The president would like to buy a really huuuuge diamond.....

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