Back to school time has never been so crazy and up in the air as it is this year. The coronavirus pandemic changed spring break, changed the way kids went back to class after it was clear schools couldn't reopen after the break, and the virus still has the fall semester and beyond nothing but a big question mark. Will kids be back in class? Will there be social distancing and face coverings? When will school even start?

The El Paso, Canutillo, and Ysleta ISDs are all trying to come up with those answers and more. One of them just might be going to a year round schedule like the one that is already in place in the Socorro Independent School District.

The possible move to a year-round schedule has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic, it was actually suggested by the Texas Education Agency so that El Paso schools would be on a schedule that falls into place with other Texas school districts. The calendars EPISD, YISD, and CISD are looking at would have a back to school start date of August 3 instead a later date as in past school years.

A recent survey of a local teacher's union, the El Paso American Federation of Teachers, revealed that 53% of EPISD teachers want to move to a year-round schedule. 33% said they did not want to make the move.

Canutillo ISD put out their June school board meeting agenda and it shows that not only vote on a proposed year-round schedule, but they will also discussion "possible action regarding the reopening of the Canutillo ISD" on Tuesday, June 9.

EPISD has not posted their next meeting agenda, but it is believed they will vote on their calendar June 16. YISD has also not posted their next meeting agenda, but it has been reported that they will vote on their calendar on June 17.

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