26 Las Cruces residents are facing some pretty hefty jail time after a three month drug sting that caught them all red handed. 


Credit: Burlingham
Credit: Burlingham

The sting titled "Southern Sweep" targeted these drug traffickers who sold a variety of drugs ranging from, meth, cocaine, heroin and marijuana in a wide range of the Las Cruces area. Most of the suspects are known as gang members in the community and are each facing state and federal charges that include distribution of marijuana, trafficking a controlled substance, as well as various conspiracy firearms charges.

The drug bust was one of the largest in recent years. Twenty of the suspects have been arrested and are in custody as 6 remain at large in the county. The following is a list of the suspects.

Daniel Aran, age 29

Jesus Alvarado, age 25 (not arrested)  

Oscar Rodriguez, age 22 (not arrested)  

Jonathan Rodriguez, age 34

Isaac Rodriguez, age 26

Michael Uribe, age 39

Anthony Berumen, age 31 (not arrested)

Barbara Duran-Martinez, age 53

Crystal Seymour, age 33 (not arrested)  

Joshua Chavarria, age 25

Tomas Clark, age 39

Allison Rice, age 42

Jesse R. Garcia, age 27

Robert McDaniels, age 47

Angelita Jacques, age 47

Elvira Ontiveros, age 41 (not arrested)   

Flora Flores, age 52

Melody Granos, age 29

Pedro Martinez, age 42

Andres Celiz-Tzoc, age 28

Robert Hammers, age 54

Camilia Tocano, age 26

William Miller, age 53 (not arrested)  

Arturo Mejia, age 39

Kristine Kim, age 19

Alfredo Ramirez, age 37


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