Police Line Do Not Cross
courtesy: JaysonPhotography

Four boys from a westside middle school are facing state felony charges in connection with a cellphone recording of their female classmates who were changing in a bathroom at a pool party last summer.

The recording came to light after it was spread around the school. An investigation by the Internet Crimes Against Children unit of the El Paso Police Department led to the two boys being taken into custody back on November 19. They were charged with invasive visual recording and could be on probation for up to six months if convicted.

Only two of the four originally being investigated are facing charges because they were the ones who allegedly recorded the girls.

KFOX14 asked an EPISD spokesperson if the two boys who were charged are still in school or being allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. EPISD would not comment on the incident because it involves issues of privacy and is an open investigation.

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