June 21st is National Take Your Cat to Work Day. A holiday I doubt many celebrate.

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You really think your cat wants to go to work with you when kids don't even do it? Dogs do anything you tell them because they are dogs, so stick to that holiday.

Kids and cats are really alike but that is a topic for another article.

Continuing on to National Take Your Cat to Work Day, I think we should change it to stay and home and work with your cat day. My cats absolutely loved when I was working at home during the pandemic. They were able to cuddle and yell at me whenever they wanted.

Now they must wait until I am home. I have them to look forward to but I know they only care about their wet food.

This had me thinking of all the other things I know most cats rather do than go to work with their human.

Things Your Cat Rather Do Than Go to Work With You

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