These are my top 10 reasons why you most definitely need to go see the latest Marvel Studios movie, Black Panther.

Whether you are a Marvel movie fan or simply a fan of movies that include fictional characters all the while delivering a deep message of love, then this movie is right up your alley.

The film is not only well done but it stars an all-star cast and has a stellar soundtrack which was produced by Kendrick Lamar himself and packs enough action and beauty to keep you glued to the movie screen.

Black Panther was released on Thursday of last week and since then according to, the movie raked in over 190 million over the weekend, setting a record for the biggest opening in February.

Whatever the numbers at the end of the day are, one thing is for sure – this movie is super-fantastic and I’ll tell you my top 10 reasons why: (No big spoilers, so read on…)

1 - Great Cast

This cast is not only talented but beautiful. Yes, I knew hotties like Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan were in the film but then I was so completely pleased to see more of my favorites such as Lupita Nyong’o, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Andy Serkis, and Martin Freeman.

2 - Wakanda Forever

Wakanda is a fictional place in the world of Marvel just like Gotham city and Metropolis but in Wakanda everything is stunningly gorgeous. Everything from their clothes and their tech – it’s impressive to say the least.

3 - Family Affair

This movie is really centered on family that touches on just about everything including betrayal, hate, jealousy, and ultimately love.

4 - Angela Bassett in White Dreads

Yes, Angela Bassett rocks some incredible white dreads personifying class, and royal elegance perfectly.

5 - The Lion King 

There is a familiarity to the story line that reminded me of The Lion King, when a family member tries to take over the kingdom.

6 - Awesome Female Warriors 

Just as I enjoyed and the Amazon warriors in DC’s Wonder Woman film, the Black Panther also provides us with an all female special forces team who are the protectors of the Black Panther. These girls run deep and so does their passion for their country.

7 - Smart Funny Clever

The script is all of the above. Especially with the standout comedic efforts of actress Leticia Wright (Shuri), who portrays the 16-year-old sister of the Black Panther.

8 - Armored Rhinos 

Yup, the Black Panther has an army that includes armored rhino’s. And yes, they look dope!

9 - Co-Exist 

The movie can truly stand alone with its message of unity and how we can co-exist not just as a family, and as a country but as a world who looks out for each other as a whole.

10 - Fan of Superhero Movies

Goes without saying, if you are a fan of all things superhero then you definitely won’t want to miss Black Panther – Wakanda Forever!


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