Michelle’s Christmas Act of Kindness 12-12-2011 -We asked you to reach out and let us know about a neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance who you knew would be facing a difficult time this Christmas so we could consider them for A Christmas Act of Kindness in the form of $500. Michelle answered the call to tell us about just such a person:

I deal with a lot of different women because of Roller Derby. (Not only am I a skater but I am also on the board for El Paso Roller Derby.) We recently obtained a new league member - Alma. In the short amount of time we have known hear she is always smiling, very optimistic and is very determined. She is a single mother of two wonderful boys and works two jobs in order to support them. Also, as a new member we were having a food drive and she took the initiative and was able to get all the El Paso Starbucks to place a box in the store so we could have a drop off site. She is always willing to volunteer or help out when needed.

The other day she needed a ride to practice so I picked her up. I then learned that she doesn't have a car. When I asked her how she was able to do it without a car she replied the bus. $500 would go along way in order to help Alma get a car. She deserves a Christmas Act of Kindness because she herself puts everyone before her and pays it forward.

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