Laura’s Christmas Act of Kindness 12-13-2011 -We asked you to reach out and let us know about a neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance who you knew would be facing a difficult time this Christmas so we could consider them for A Christmas Act of Kindness in the form of $500. Laura answered the call to tell us about just such a person:

My co-worker Cecilia deserves an Act of Kindness due to the fact that she is a hard working woman who provides for a family of 8. Her and her family have had to suffer winters without a heater for the past 15 yrs or so. They have small heaters placed in each room which in turn makes her electric bill very costly. Her ceiling and roof suffered alot of damage from the freeze we had last year. She has been unable to fix it. She's had no choice but to place plastic covers wherever the pipes burst. The ceiling leaks if it rains.

Cecilia has several medical conditions which are triggered by the stress cause by the damges her house has suffered from last winter. She deserves an act of kindness this Christmas to relieve a little of her daily life stress.

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