Hi, it's Mike and Tricia. We want to pass on Christmas Acts of Kindness this holiday season, but can't do it without your help! If you have a friend, or know of a neighbor or co-worker who will be facing a difficult time this Christmas, and needs some sort of assistance, reach out to us and together we can try to help them out.  Let us know about those around you who could benefit from your love and kindness.

 If the letter you submit is selected, the person you wrote us about will receive A Christmas Act of Kindness in the form of $500. (--We ask that you NOT send a letter on behalf of yourself, a relative, or anyone in your household, and that you not let the person you’d like us to help know you've written a  letter on their behalf.)

Everything from what we’re looking for, to how letters are chosen, to how to submit a letter is right here, or call us between 6a and 10a Monday-Friday at 880-9393. Through A Christmas Act of Kindness, we not only want to help those who might not otherwise have a Merry Christmas, but hope to inspire YOU to open YOUR heart and help others in the community as well. Let’s pay it forward this Christmas season!