Adriana’s Christmas Act of Kindness 12-09-2011: We asked you to reach out and let us know about a neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance who you knew would be facing a difficult time this Christmas so we could consider them for A Christmas Act of Kindness in the form of $500. Adriana answered the call to tell us about just such a person

Jose Luis is an exceptional young man who had been admitted to, and was studying at M.I.T. Due to economic hardships, and life in general, his parents were no longer able to finance his schooling, and Jose had no choice but to return to El Paso. He is currently enrolled at U.T.E.P. and hopes to obtain his Bachelor's in Biology

He began volunteering at a local Veterinary Clinic where my daughter completed a preceptership as part of her Veterinary curriculum. He did eventually get hired but is only compensated at the minimum wage rate. Because his rate of pay is minimal, and because his rent is automatically deducted from his pay check, he clears about nine dollars a month.

Listen to Adriana read her letter to Jose Luis:

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