93.1 KISS-FM and Mike and Tricia Mornings want to make this Christmas an unforgettable one for someone in need. If you know of a co-worker, neighbor or acquaintance who will be facing a difficult time this holiday season and won’t be able to afford toys for the children because of unforeseen circumstances such as a death, job loss, injury, or illness, reach out to us and together we can try to make this Christmas a merry one with some financial assistance through a Mike and Tricia Christmas Act of Kindness.

Help us reach out to those who could benefit from your love and kindness. Fill out the form below and tell us why you think they deserve a Mike and Tricia Christmas Act of Kindness. But before you do, PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW and make sure your submission is what we have in mind.

It is our hope that Mike and Tricia’s Christmas Act of Kindness will also inspire you to open your hearts and help others in the community too. Let’s pay it forward this Christmas season!


• You CANNOT send a letter on behalf of yourself, a relative, or anyone in your household
• Recipient MUST live in the El Paso Metro Area
• Both the letter writer and the recipient must be available to speak with the morning show via telephone and must agree to go on-air.


Listeners are asked to submit a letter via website or mail nominating a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance they know or know of who could use a helping hand. Letters send on behalf of yourself, a relative, or anyone in your household WILL NOT be considered. Once a letter is selected by committee, both the letter writer and the person selected to receive A Christmas Act of Kindness will be called on-air. If either/or is unable to meet this requirement, another letter will be chosen.

Deadline for Kindness receipt via email is 11pm MST Friday, December 6, 2013. Letters sent via U.S. mail must be postmarked by midnight Tuesday, December 3, 2013. Letters dropped off in person at KSII, located at 4180 N. Mesa, must be hand delivered by 5pm MST Thursday, December 5, 2013. Valid entries must contain ALL information requested (See internet submission form below). Incomplete, inaccurate and / or multiple entries, and letters sent on behalf of yourself, a relative, or anyone in your household will not be considered. All letters received will be read and reviewed by Mike and or Tricia or a member of the KSII staff. Entries will be selected based upon authenticity (50%) and compelling story (50%). Upon selection, a member of the morning show will contact the individual who submitted the letter and the person whom the letter was written on behalf of. ALL ENTRIES SELECTED WILL BE AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE KSII and MORNING STAFF