The Ysleta Mission in the Lower Valley has been closed for nearly a year for renovations, but it is ready to welcome back the faithful.

The mission was built in 1680 and is used by the Tigua tribe for Mass and gatherings. The Tiguas were in charge of the renovations that were originally only supposed to take about three months. The floor was going to be replaced and a few cracks on the walls were going to be repaired.

When they got into the project, however, the Tiguas said they ran into other issues that ate up almost a year and cost the tribe more than $400,000.

The pews and the stations of the cross are the same, but visitors to the mission will notice that the statue of St. Anthony has been moved to a more prominent place of honor. The Tiguas say that’s because the tribe feels he deserved a more central spot because the church was built in his honor.

Bishop Mark Seitz will bless the Mission's doors today, and the doors of the church will be opened tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. with a dedication.

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