152 million dollars in bonds for El Paso Water projects and a hike in electric bills will mean your water bill will also be going up.

El Paso Water officials and the City say the bond money will be used for maintenance, the rehab of existing facilities and building of new facilities to keep up with the city's growth. They are also refunding old bonds in order to get a better interest rate to save the city money.

John Balliew, the president of El Paso Water Utilities, said he believes the projects and restructuring of old debt will mean a rate hike for you.

He said in the last fiscal year when their financial plan was updated, there are a water and waste water increase and a storm water increase that was forecast in their plan. But Balliew said that increase is up for the Public Service Board to adopt as part of their budget. And they we will be going through the budget process in November and December.

The actual budget will probably be adopted in January and that is when the rates, and a possible increase in your rate, will be set.

Another thing that could impact your rates is the hike in El Paso Electric rates.

Balliew said El Paso Water is the largest if not the second largest consumer of electricity in El Paso, so when the electric company does anything with their budget it affects their budget as well, and in turn, your home water bill.

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