Sometimes I wonder how men make it through the day without accidentally maiming themselves or at the very least, ending up in a doctor's office for a broken bone or two. When my kids were little they were forever climbing trees, scaling rock walls, or hanging off ladders with one hand and almost giving me a heart attack. They used to tell me that boys bounce and that's why I shouldn't close my eyes and wait for their screams of pain.

The guy in this FitFam video apparently also thought that boys bounce but he found out pretty quickly that they don't. There is no word on where the home was where this video was shot, and a lot of commenters wondered if shenanigans like this are the reason why it is taking so long for homes to be built in El Paso.

There were so many other hilarious comments like "Me when I shoot my shot." FitFam commented "Not just a video, but a metaphor for life." The guys who are watching and videotaping had an unprintable comment and the music is a great choice for the leap.

I guess the next time this guy wants to be a live action Wile E. Coyote he'll probably think back to the time he tried and spectacularly failed to pull an Evel Knievel (Google it kids) between two houses. Hopefully the next time he tries he'll pull this video up and remember not the fall but that sudden stop at the end.


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