El Pasoans' faith in humanity restored as a constable is seen helping the homeless in a random act of kindness.

Susie Tony Melendez

Last week local El Pasoans and United Inter-Tribal Nations members who go by the handle Susie Tony Melendez on Facebook posted a touching moment when an El Paso constable helps out some of El Paso's homeless.

In her post, Susie says that her husband noticed a cop walking over to some homeless folks hanging out near an old 7-11 lot near the corner of Hondo Pass and Dyer.

She and her husband thought the constable would ask them to remove themselves and their belongings and move on.

Susie Tony Melendez

Instead, Susie says that she “got a knot” in her throat after seeing the cop take them food and telling another homeless person to take care.

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It seems that after witnessing the constable’s act of kindness, Susie stated in her post, “for the first time we got to see a cop do this.”

Moved by what they saw, she, along with her husband, approached the constable and asked to take a picture of him, to which he politely agreed.

Susie Tony Melendez

It turns out her son told Melendez that he had seen the same constable handing out food to homeless folks along Dyer St. earlier that day.

Politics aside, a major high five goes out to Constable A.Serrano for his empathy towards El Paso’s less fortunate and to Melendez for sharing his act of kindness with the rest of us.

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