With the city opening back up, people are starting to venture to more and more to do things that we had taken for granted and had gotten taken from us because of the coronavirus pandemic. El Paso Chihuahuas fans haven't been able to see a game since 2019 and this year when the season started just last weekend, you had to wear a mask if you wanted to go see a game. Now, just a week after the Chihuahuas celebrated Opening Day 2021, the Chihuahuas say they will no longer be requiring masks if you plan on going to see a game at Southwest University ballpark.

The dropping of the mask mandate also applies to El Paso Locomotive games so fans of both sports are covered, or uncovered in this case. Chihuahua officials announced on Wednesday that "facial coverings will no longer be required at all events for ticketed guests who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19." They went on to say that facial coverings are still recommended for fans who are not vaccinated. So are you going to have to flash a COVID-19 vaccination card when you go to the downtown ballpark? No. The Chihuahuas are doing the same thing that a lot of businesses like Target and Walmart are doing - they will be putting fans on the honor system and trust that they are fully vaccinated if they don't wear a mask.

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

There will be health and safety protocols in effect for games. You'll find hand sanitizer stations throughout the ballpark and the Chihuahuas say they will be thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the ballpark before, during, and after events.

I'm still going to be wearing my mask when I attend a baseball game at the ballpark, not because I'm so worried about getting the COVID but because I have read too many articles since the start of the pandemic about clouds of other people's droplets, something I really don't want to walk through, thankyouverymuch. If you don't want to wear your mask that's up to you but let's make a pact - don't mess with me because I'm wearing one and I won't mess with you for not wearing one. Deal? Fabulous!

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