You might have noticed lights on at night at the Hanks High School and at Riverside High School’s football stadiums when there are no games being played. Ysleta Independent School District officials say it’s being done because of a fire set earlier this month to a small patch of newly installed artificial turf.

The lights allow security cameras to better pick up activity in the stadium than if they were off. They will stay on at Hanks and Riverside until new security cameras and other security devices are installed at the stadiums.

Thermal image cameras picked up two people at the Hanks stadium around 11:30 on the night of May 18. Security guards reported seeing two boys light a fire on the newly installed turf. The security guard tried to chase after them, but they got away after the guard stopped to try and put out the fire himself.

The El Paso Police Department is investigating the incident. Hopefully those little vandals are caught and some of their stuff is set on fire and destroyed.

Sorry. Hopefully justice prevails and the alleged vandals are given their due process.

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