With El Pasoans heading back to school, this was a good time to look back at the popular hangout spots many loved to go to when they were in school.

We all had particular hangouts where, as teenagers, we were able to gather and socialize without having adults breathing down our backs! For me, it was a place dubbed "the wall" and I only went once or twice because I wasn't that cool in high school.

So I asked our faithful Facebook followers, expecting a few answers, but what we got was a SWARM of answers!

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1.8 THOUSAND comments! And what I found was that the 80's and 90's seemed like a WILD time!

The number one answer y'all gave? Juarez. Your go-to hangout spot was usually in Juarez and it was either one of these:

  • Tequila Derby
  • Copa Cabana
  • Vertigo
  • Chihuahua Charlie’s
  • Sarawalk
  • Electric Q
  • Fred's among others...

As a millennial, and because I am a child of God, I've only heard of one of those- the Derby!

via DJ PI2FO YouTube
via DJ PI2FO YouTube

Another one that got mentioned a lot as well were "the drags". No, not the drag queens I expect to see at Pride Square, but an actual place where drag racing took place.

The drags off Joe Battle when it was all desert and Lee Trevino cruise

And just today, I learned a lot about "Cherry Hill" and a place called "the levee" where, if I'm being honest, sound like places you go to get murdered- but I digress.

Some honorable mentions include:

  • Q-N Cushion
  • Double Daves
  • The Cotton Patch
  • Freeway Lanes
  • Saso's
  • The Tree Top
  • Hilltop Oasis
  • Round Table Pizza
  • Chico's Tacos on McRae
  • Boomerangs
  • Roller King
  • Cruising Monopoly's parking lot (?)

And the one answer I totally expected: your mom's house.

I recognize next to none of these, but I'm glad to see that it brought back some great memories for many of you!

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