Sometimes the jokes can get old when people still taunt other people about where they attended high school. We have all known about the stigmas that several high schools in El Paso have. Now some people are clearly still holding on to those stigmas after years of being out of high school.

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Even in high school, I remember meeting new friends from other schools in El Paso who most of the time had something to say about where I attended. It always typically went with calling Coronado High School students stuck up, conceited, valley girls, and rich.

First off, our parents' income shouldn't have anything to do with what kind of students we were then, but even to this day people still like to make funny remarks about Coronado alumni.

For example, the other weekend me, my friend, and her friend were talking about where we attended high school. Once it came down to saying where I graduated from my friend's friend cracked jokes.

He had mentioned I probably shopped at Whole Foods which, in actuality, I couldn't have even if I wanted to since it didn't exist then. The only grocery options Coronado High school students had then were Furr's and Albertsons.

But Coronado High School has always had that stigma for many years now. There are other schools that also have some bad stigmas that aren't nice to mention, for example, Hanks.

Plus a lot of us are familiar with the stigmas of the academy schools in El Paso. Apparently, the academy schools were for the so-called wild child-type students.

Place your vote on which high school has the worst stigma of them all in the poll below.

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