Football fanatics are always stoked for football season to roll around for certain reasons. One of those reasons is reuniting with fellow fans that share the same favorite NFL team as you. If you think that game day is exciting with family and friends, can you just imagine it with a big group of strangers?

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Well, there are NFL fan clubs that you can join in different parts of El Paso. It all depends on the team you root for though. So, lately, I have gotten messages from friends saying they didn't know Chargers fans existed in El Paso.

The Chargers fan club in El Paso was created by Enrique Rodriguez many years ago. But when I started attending the Chargers fan club it was 2014. In 2014 the OG location for the Chargers fan club was at Smokey's Saloon off Zaragoza.

I had known about the Seahawks fan club once used to be at Wing Shack off Viscount Blvd. but is now at Tortugas. Then the Pittsburgh Steelers fan club for the Westside meets at Kings X on game days. We all know about the different fan clubs for the Dallas Cowboys in El Paso.

Except Dallas Cowboys fans keep growing since more and more places are hosting Dallas Cowboys fan club meets. Because before it only used to be Speaking Rock Entertainment Center and Undisputed Crafthouse.

But to the others who also didn't know, yes, Los Angeles Chargers fans exist in El Paso. So if you or someone YOU know is a Los Angeles Chargers fan send them or head to Rocky's Cantina at 6999 Montana Avenue.

LA Chargers Fan Club In EP

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