Saturday, October 7th El Paso is in for a treat when Yellow Claw returns to the Sun City! The duo from The Netherlands describes themselves not as a “band” or a 'group” but prefer the term “Party Concept” and tbh, I’m going to adapt to calling my squad the by the same name.


I spoke with the Marketing Director at SMG EVENTS, my friend Fabian Quezada about what someone that has yet to experience the Yellow Claw #partyconcept should prepare to see when the pair invades El Paso.


“I think Yellow Claw is one of those acts that still surprises everyone regardless of what expectations you might have. They bring a crazy energy where everyone just goes for it, from the rail all the way to the back. Think of an extreme P90X workout where it's nonstop banging beats, going from trap to hardstyle to bigroom to dubstep, all with their signature sound and unique vocals. They know how to work a crowd from DJ standpoint to MC'ing, it's like having a personal trainer yelling at you to go harder every time. They're also being supported by AFK who drops some really heavy dub and bass music that's going to have everyone head-banging for sure.” - Fabian Quezada, SMG EVENTS
Yellow Claw hits the stage at the Buchanan’s Event Center in El Paso at 11540 Pellicano Dr.  on Saturday, October 7th and tickets are available at & Happy House inside Cielo Vista Mall.

Check out this clip of Riverdale that features Yellow Claw - "Dj Turn it Up!"


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