A woman was caught on video hiding tons of Muenster cheese inside a baby carrier. She attempted to steal the cheese by concealing the blocks of cheese as a sleeping baby, as a blanket can be seen draped over the carrier. San Eli Supermarket posted the video of the confrontation of the customer and employee on their Facebook page. They also issued a statement about the incident with the video:

This woman was caught on camera shoplifting at San Eli Supermercado 13800 Socorro Rd. She is no longer allowed to visit any one of San Eli Supermarket Locations.

Even the San Elizario Marshals Office released a statement regarding the incident because this was a serious attempted theft incident.

I have shopped at this San Eli Market before and I love the employees there. There are always nice and it is great to see they are willing to defend their store from shoplifters. Now it is unfortunatly that an employee was assaulted during the incident but I would like to show my appreciation for that employee stepping up in a time of need. As for the attempted cheese robber, just save up some money and get your cheese like the rest of us or you can go somewhere else and also end up on that El Paso wall of shame.

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